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Thank you for shopping handmade! Each of my products is individually thrown on my potters wheel in my Wiltshire Studio. They are then left to stiffen overnight and the bases are trimmed the following day and handles added. I then let them dry slowly to avoid cracks and they go in for their first firing. After 48hours they are removed from my kiln and I add my glazes by dipping and pouring. All glazes are my own recipes and are mixed up from scratch ensuring you get a truely unique product. They then go in for there second firing to 1260 degrees and removed once cooled 48 hours later. They are then packaged up and sent to their new homes! I hope you love using them as as much as I love making them!


All orders are cuurently made to order so will take 2-3weeks for delivery. If you need something sooner please send us an email as we have some items in stock.