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Each Private Pottery class will be adjusted to your own specific needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or would like guidance in the skills you already have.


Classes can be bought as a 1 off taster or a series to complete your pieces through all stages of making a pot. An example of what we can cover;


* In a one off session for beginner’s you will learn how to prepare the clay by wedging and balling up the clay ready to throw. You will than have a demonstration by Libby who will take you through step by step how to throw a simple cylinder and shape it into a bowl on the potters wheel. After the demo you will then get straight on the wheel and Libby will guide you through each step again whilst you get to grips with the clay. You will all have a wheel each to have a play and expand your skills. For a group of 4 I do a 2 hour and 30 minute session so that you all get enough tutor time. In a session you will normally make 3-4 pieces and at the end of the session you can pick your favourite 3 per person and they will be trimmed and fired ready for a clear glaze to be added. You then have the choice for them to be posted to you or collected back at the studio 3-4 weeks after your session.


* In a series of 3 lessons we will cover the whole process of making a pot from preparing the clay, throwing, trimming, adding handles and then glazing your piece.


In session 1 we would cover preparing the clay and then basic throwing skills, completing a few shapes.


In session 2 we would cover trimming your pots from the previous week, adding handles and tidying up your pieces ready for first firing.


In session 3 we would glaze your pots with a selection of brush on glazes in a variety of colours. Various painting techniques will be covered and then they will be ready to go into the kiln. We will also discuss firing temperatures and the science behind glazing!

Please note we use different glazes for students work and not the glazes you see on my products in my store.

You then have the choice for them to be posted to you or collected back at the studio 3-4 weeks after your session.


Once purchased please contact me directly to book an available slot. Weekdays, evenings and weekends all available.


PLEASE NOTE: lessons only available from Mid February - 30th October, no lessons available between November through to February.


Classes are run from my studio space; Ridgeway Studios, 46B Ridgeway Road, Bristol, BS16 3EA

Throwing class for 4 people (2hr30mins)

Return postage for finished pieces